Saturday, May 31, 2008


I slept terribly last night. But I had a pretty fun dream. Picture it:

Sarajevo, Bosnia (if you need help, check out pictures on the blog). Wiley and I are in the apartment. The mosque that's behind our building is now in front of our building. And who should appear to sing in front of it but Ric Ocasek from The Cars, as well as Jolly St. Nick....yep, Santa. What did they sing? I don't know. I don't remember that part. All I know is that they were popular. After their song, a lady named Olivia, who apparently lived next door to us, showed us that the desk we had in the living room converted to an organ. The wood had an orange tinge to it. Then, instead of my leaving, Wiley was the one who left. He got into his car that was sitting in the garage on the top floor of the apartment building, and he drove away, leaving me to try and communicate with a woman whose language I didn't speak.

Very vivid. I haven't had a dream like this in a long while!


Donna said...

Don't you just LOVE dreams?

Spyder said...

Are you feeling like you don't talk american anymore?

Melinda said...

Oooh, now there's an interesting thought...could be. I used to try and analyze my dreams, but when they're this f'd up like this, I think it's best to quit as soon as I wake up.