Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rallying the Troops

Tonight, my friends called me up and asked if I wanted to go with them to the Obama rally here in Bloomington. As I'd never attended a rally, I thought it would be good if I go. Doors opened at 6:30 for an 8:30 start, but we decided to leave home at 8:30 and avoid the crowd. It turned out to be a great choice. The Secret Service said I was not a threat, and neither was my purse. Barron Hill came out to try and pump up the crowd, and then Obama came out with his rolled-up white shirt and black pants. That was really all I could see because we were in the middle nosebleed section, except that I think he's got large feet.

Obama can be a very charismatic speaker. However, I learned that he's not big into details. For example, he tried to tell us to get out and vote on Tuesday, but he flubbed up the time. It seemed that he didn't read the sheet before and said "uh" a lot. That's not the image you regularly see on TV, so it surprised me he wasn't quite so polished. But then he was when he started describing Everyfamily that has their share of problems, such as being sent to Iraq with a baby on the way and not having health insurance and not having a job. He had a lot of ideas, but he didn't back anything up with proof of a plan. One minute, we're spending $10 billion a day, the next we're spending $100 billion a month on the war. He wants students to get a $4000 credit so they can afford college by doing community service, but he didn't really outline any sort of plan. So at this stage of the game, there's a lot of marketing, but the product is still a little fuzzy. I will say that he didn't attack Hillary much. He said that they have differences, which pale in comparison to the differences between Dems and McCain, and that the Dems will be united come November. After 45 minutes of hearing his speech, we decided to leave and go to Tutto Bene for some drink and conversation. A friend is driving to Nebraska tomorrow - I told them how to find the cheese curds. Another's parents from Germany were in town - I asked them how their flight was in German, but that was about all I could squeak out. My brain just wasn't working. I might have a part-time gig setting up an office for a rental business that's taking off. All in all, a good night, but oh goodness, morning is going to come too early, so I'm hauling my azz off to bed.


Anonymous said...

That's long been my rub on Obama---where's the beef (details)? I thot you had a new job in a law office? Aunt Tex

Melinda said...

I do have a job in a law office. But a friend needs some help setting up his real-estate rental office, and he might have me help because right now, the files are in a crate.