Thursday, May 15, 2008


As I drove through the hills of Indiana, and saw what might go on in the country, I decided that maybe living in the country wouldn't be a good thing after all. After living across the street from Cornhole Joe, I think that perhaps living in quiet solitude might be the nicest thing in the world. It is raining outside, lots of puddles big enough to swallow your car, and what is Cornhole Joe doing? Revving his truck engine and making us listen to some shit blasting out of it. On Tuesday he had a few people outside his house, one of them a very pregnant girl about ready to drop twins. I haven't figured out if he's got a girlfriend with kids or a baby momma, or maybe both.

I am so happy I'll be moving out of here soon.


meesha.v said...

so did you find a place?

Melinda said...

Yes, a friend needs someone to watch his house for about 10 months, so we're moving into his place - a 4 bedroom and we're going to be paying the same rent as if we were still in the duplex! Yippee!!

Donna said...

I like where I live (in the country) but I'm pretty sure some of cornhole Joe's relatives live next door AND down the street. One guy actually drives a motorcycle that has COW HORNS on the front. Geesh.

Oh yeah, and that revving is a common sound around here.

Anonymous said...

we had a duplex neighbor who would race his engine at 3 am right under our bedroom window(we didn't get up til 6) and we laughed so hard one winter morning when he blew his engine up. sleep deprivation makes ya mean.auntie em