Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today We Rock

Lately I've noticed myself slipping. Not as happy, avoiding people, letting the house go...oh, wait, that was going on before....oh well...not caring as much that the house is messy. But today, today, I rocked my world.

I made Indian food.

Edible Indian food.

You don't understand what this does for me. Wiley learned how to make Indian food while we were in Sarajevo. I tried it in Iowa at my grandma's house, but I forgot one very important ingredient - tomato paste. Yes, tomato paste. You read right. And it was ok, but not great, and I didn't attempt it again for two and a half months.

So while I was at the store, I picked up a can of tomato paste. Last night I took one chicken breast out of the freezer to let it thaw overnight, and tonight, I put on my little plastic gloves (touching raw meat is disgusting to me and I can't do it), cooked my chicken, then put in all my ingredients.

And it friggin' rocked.

Rocked, I tell you.

Can you tell how happy I am that I was able to make something edible and tasted good and wasn't a dessert?! Wiley thinks I keep him around 'cuz he can cook; there are other reasons now!


meesha.v said...

no you want him around so he will eat your food and not complain

Anonymous said...

uncle em enjoyed the dish you left frozen at gmas. making soup is also a cure! auntie em

Logtar said...

Tomato paste is also a base for Colombian food :) well, actually crushed tomatoes :)