Friday, May 30, 2008


Disclaimer: Probably not the best post to read while you're at work, especially if Big Brother is watching you. Come back later.

And now, on to the show.

A long time ago, Meesha posted about an ad he found on Craigslist. Intrigued, I went on CL myself and decided to hit up the Erotica section. Now, maybe that's not exactly where Meesha was, but OMG I could not believe the stuff people post.

Pictures. Nekkid pictures. Tall-dark-women-in-white-stilettos-buck-nekkid pictures. Older women holding their blue ta-tas in their hands pictures. I'd link but I just can't do it. Just take my word, or go to the Bloomington CL. Even a pic of a man's abs and the rest of him in shorts.

Women offering themselves for dollars an hour.

Isn't this what we call a prostitute?? How in the world is this even legal? Why don't these get flagged? WTF?

I never bothered looking at the Erotica section while I was in KC, so I don't know how it compares to the Bloomington CL. And while there's not a whole lot of women offering themselves, it was still more than I thought. Perhaps I'm just a big prude who didn't think she was a prude.

And part of me really wonders how much these girls make. Or how hard it is to get paid for sex. I mean, after all, I do live in a town where 40,000 students reside. Any weekend night you can find many a scantily-clad girl walking the street to the bar, or stumbling home from the bar holding onto a new friend who will get that booty. They give it away. But here on CL, we got girls who'll give to a guy who'll pay...or even a girl. But I didn't look there. Nothankyouverymuch.


meesha.v said...

Out of over 200 posts on my blog this one has the most hits and still getting 1-5 hits a day.Go figure.

Melinda said...

And I'm just helping you along...