Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy Bees

Lots done in a small amount of time, so if I'm to update you at all, I must do it now and be brief. I promise pictures will follow.

Last weekend: bus trip to Mostar for the day. Incredibly beautiful city, hyped as the most beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have a bridge there that was completely destroyed in the war. They rebuilt it, and it's just as nice as it was before. While in town, we walked around the old part of the city, part of the rest of the city, found a WWII Partisans cemetery (but I got no pictures of this since my batteries died), and even saw two cats going at it in the middle of the street. If possible, I'd like to go back and explore more of the city and have this kick-ass cake that had something resembling Magic Shell on top of its creamy goodness.

Fast forward to Tuesday, where we hop a bus for 4.5 hours and find ourselves in the town of Gradacac (that's Grahd-ah-chatz), but now my internet has slowed, so I'll finish this tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

i hope you are getting recipes for all these great desserts! and plan to bake some in iwegia! auntie em