Monday, March 3, 2008

Could It be Any Colder?

I'm in Iowa now. It's really cold. I mean, really f&cking cold. We got sleet and then snow last night. This morning, I was up at 7 shoveling the drive and walks. There is no grass to be seen. Snow drifts. I think the high today was maybe 25...with gusts up to 40 mph. It really is awful. I don't want to come here anymore.

And today, I decided to send Wiley a package, so I get my box, fill it up, fill out my customs form, and then when I go to the counter, Ms. USPS worker informs me that I can't send a package to Bosnia. I told her that that can't be right - I lived there and got packages from the US from the post office - from three different states. "Nope, I have a note here that says Bosnia's been sanctioned." She motions to her coworker and flashes a yellow piece of paper. "Has this changed?" "Nope," the next worker says. "It's been like that for a year." I again say, "But my fiance is there, and we've gotten packages there and from there through the postal service." They're not buying it, and give me a phone number to call. So I dial.

"You've reached the number for free legal services for Texans," a friendly recorded voice tells me. So I call the post office to tell them the number isn't valid, and I get a lady who says, "You can come back to the post office. There are no sanctions against Bosnia - it was for a very short time, but we know a guy whose wife lives over there and had no problems."

GEE, REALLY? I believe I said that to you retards the first time I stopped at the post office. So I go back. The two who were of no help to me the first time said, "Did you get it figured out?" And I said, "Oh, you're sending it." They seemed surprised when I told them that they had given me a defunct number. "Well, we're just telling you what we were told," and then, "That must've happened very recently," and then I responded in a less than sugary voice because I'm really quite pissed by this time, that I just returned from living there for five months, and I had no problems getting stuff from people from the US. Had you listened to me, or maybe checked with a supervisor, you could've helped me the first time. "We should be given the correct information," one of them said, and I agreed, SO YOU COULD BE HELPFUL TO PEOPLE INSTEAD OF SENDING THEM ON A GOOSE CHASE. Those two said that since they didn't know what was going on, I'd have to wait for the one who actually knew what was what, and when I asked if I could finally send my package to Bosnia, she gave me a look that I took as, "Sorry my coworkers are stupid." Maybe not, but that's how I read it.

So Wiley, in about a month, you should get a package. Hopefully it arrives. This lady seemed to know what she was doing. Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

trust me, yes, it can be colder! auntie em

Anonymous said...

p.s. thanks for helping gma out; i know that what you are doing is not easy. auntie em