Friday, March 21, 2008

So Old

I didn't know I was so old. After unloading a storage unit and loading a trailer, my lower back is super sore. I sit for any length of time, and I stiffen! When did this happen?

AMAZINGLY, we were able to get everything in my 8x10 storage unit into a 6x12 trailer. Wiley's parents must love playing Tetris because that's what it felt like - if we stuff something in this way, we maximize space. So we stuffed. And stuffed. I hope my cushions and my pillows recover. For the people who will be helping us unload on Sunday, I'm sure they're going to be confused because we unpacked bins that had clothes, shoes, sheets, and hangers and stuffed things in every nook and cranny - "Uh, Melinda, you're supposed to wait to unload things into the house, not the trailer". The mirror that belongs with the dresser has little shelves, so shoes got there. Even the chairs to the kitchen table got packed.

I guess this was more an informative post than anything. If you want wit, go somewhere else, 'cuz right now, I'm just too tired.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, now you have a taste of what life is like for auntie em and me....we're OLD, remember?!!??? Aunt Tex

Anonymous said...

yes, you can probably hear my old arthritic joints creaking from MN to points south and east, yet my spirit is soaring! (despite the easter snow) auntie em p.s can you ask blog spot to make the word verification appear in easier-to-read fonts?

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard!! It's just the beginning.
Sister Sister