Sunday, March 16, 2008

Damn That Marketing!

Comcast has gotten my attention with their Slowsky turtles. My favorite is where the husband and wife are trying to get their bags off the carousel and the wife says, "Maybe next time." The husband says, "Yeah, let it do a victory lap," and then the camera pans out so you see both of them craning their necks, following the bag. I think it's hysterical. I like turtles, especially talking turtles.

But before that commercial, there was an ad on for some energy drink, and there's a silhouette of a woman drinking this concoction. But she doesn't drink it the way a woman normally drinks a glass of water or a Sunny D. She drinks it like she's in porn - head tilted back, chest stuck out, tummy in. Has anybody else noticed this?

I hate commercials. No wonder my grandpa muted the TV during them. I do it too (well, except for those Comcastic commercials). Feel the burn.

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Anonymous said...

i mute elisabeth hasselbeck during the view. auntie em