Thursday, March 20, 2008


Stayed in the duplex overnight. Not too bad, but COLD, even with the heat turned on. Tub faucet is leaky, so emailed the landlord about that, then got in the car and headed to KC.

Got stuck for an hour on I-70. Wiley, my Mapquest even all the way in Bosnia, reported that there was an accident right where I was, and told me how to get off the highway. So I took a tour through Buckner (large houses) and got on highway 24 (hello, Independence), then missed the 435 north exit (tell me again why it's on the LEFT side of the road). When I finally arrived, about an hour after I thought I would, Wiley's parents were waiting for me in the driveway. So I go to the door, put in the key, and nothing.

Tried another key. No go. Not getting in the house.

Tried one more. Nothing. So after 8 hours in the car, I can't pee? No no no no no no. So I whip out the trusty phone and call my friend, who has a garage door opener. Then I tried one last key, and the lock turned. So in we went.

Then I flew south to get Rewind. The boy is a sick cat. He's dropped more weight, to the point where he's skin and bones. I fear he won't be long for this world. He seemed happy to see me, but upon putting him in the house with Dixie, he turned into the cat from hell. Normally he's not like that with me, but I guess I'm technically a stranger to him now. So I shut him in my bedroom apart from Dixie. Then I went to get his cage so he'd have something that smelled like him, and the door wouldn't turn. I turned the knob again, and it turned without opening. Turns out the door knob broke, and my cat was locked inside. Luckily for me, Wiley's parents are handy, and they were able to take the door off its hinges to get to Rewind. We made a trip to Lowe's and found a new knob, and Wiley's mom put it in while his stepdad and I loaded bins that were at my friend Hiney's. The van is full. Oh boy.

All day long, when I would see a trailer, I would think, My stuff won't fit in that. I'm quite concerned my stuff won't all fit. So bins will likely still be left here, as well as my desk! It's in the garage, as well as two cars. less thing to pack!


Anonymous said...

Is that the desk I was s'posed to take to IA?! Sorry to hear about Rewind, hope he improves. I've been on Hwy 24---sloooooow going as I remember it, town after town ater town. Good luck with the move! Aunt Tex

Anonymous said...

hope both rewind and your experiences get better. auntie em