Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Number Two

The second interview lasted two hours. Originally, I was a little nervous because I had to fill out an application (it seemed my resume wasn't enough), and the receptionist wasn't very friendly.

If you're a receptionist, shouldn't one of your goals be to make people at ease? The receptionist at my first interview asked if I would like anything to drink with a wide smile. I instantly relaxed, which helped me relax and ace the first interview. This one pushed paper at me and said, "Fill this out, read this, and give it back." That just screams happy. My response was to flush bright red (I don't know if I actually did this to the point that they noticed, but my face was hot), so the potential interviewer could've read into it that I'm a boozer. After all, it was late afternoon.

I started to panic just a bit more when the guy started zeroing in on my college days. What was my hardest psychology course? What was my GPA? Was I involved in any psychology clubs? What did I do as a teenager? Seriously? I looked at him, blinked and said, "Most of the teenagers I knew and know go to the mall." It's like a rite of passage. That's where you cruise since you can't drive. Don't shy away, I know you know what I'm talking about.

The rest of my questions, and his, were more on-target (how do you keep your workers safe? and how thick is your skin and how much experience do you have dealing with difficult people? ha, I say to this), and I even took away some maps of the city to help with my housing search. I think both interviews went well, though I was infinitely more nervous about this one. I hope to hear back tomorrow about the next step in the interview process.


meesha.v said...

I guess I was late with my previous comment. Hope #2 works out. 2 hr interviews suck

Melinda said...

Hey, at least you're reading my blog! They do take a lot out of you. I'm getting ready to curl up in bed for a nice long snooze.

Spyder said...

A 2 hr interview is better than a 1 hr one. After an hour they could have said Bye!
Good luck & keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

good luck on your searches, and on finding a niche. auntie em

Melinda said...

I'm just hoping that 2 hours means I have the job!!

Thanks Auntie!