Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday is now here. I was an 11 am baby, so technically I'm still 11 hours away, but I don't mind not being exact.

I'm not at a bad age, but I kinda feel it being in a college town. There are plenty of people older than me, but plenty of younguns. Tonight I felt like saying to so many people, "Are you sure you're 21? You look like a baby." No wrinkles, beautiful skin, full head of hair. And they would've said, "Put on your glasses, Granny, I'm old enough. See my sticker?" To the younguns, I say you'll never feel as old as you are. When I was younger, it seemed 30 was old. Of course, when I got here, I thought 30 was still pretty young...and then I look at my niece and realize it's not quite as young as she, but not as old as, say, 60. (Like that, Aunties? I don't think any of you are old! But I do think Gma is old. That won't change.) And I know that as I get closer to 40, that won't really seem as old as I thought it was. Perspective changes as you age, just like everything else; eyesight; knees; boobs. It's all part of growing up.

So for the rest of you March babies, happy birthday to you! I'm putting on my footie pjs and calling it a morning. And later on in the morning, I'm getting me some cake!


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david santos said...

Excellent posting, Melinda!
Goosd luck.

Logtar said...

Yay! HBD :)

meesha.v said...

4 whole comments! happy birthday!

Spyder said...

Bonne Fete!

Melinda said...

Russian, just what are you saying?!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!