Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pros and Cons

So today I've been hitting the apartment search hard. I tried to stop by one guy's house, only to find he wasn't home. So I left and went to another place. It looks very nice. It's older, so it's got lots of trees. The only problem with this one is that it's 660 square feet. With my stuff, and Wiley's stuff, I'm afraid we probably won't fit.

Another apartment complex is just one-story. It too is in a wooded area. This one has 864 square feet for about the same price as the other one I viewed, plus it has washer/dryer hookups, so if I can move Wiley's stackable, then I would have the ability to do laundry in my home. However, this place requires $200 for the cats, I can only have two, and that money is non-refundable. On top of that, I have to pay a security deposit that could either be $300 or first-month's rent (I believe it depends on your credit score), an application fee of $20, Wiley will have to fill out an application and pay $20 when he comes in July, and then I have to pay a move-in fee of $50. What is a move-in fee, anyway? Am I not paying enough by hiring movers to load up the truck I've rented and will drive from KC? The $200 non-refundable fee isn't enough? The application fee isn't enough? Must you really nickel and dime me??

The duplex that I saw on Craigslist looked promising - cheaper than the apartments, security deposit equal to first-month's rent, cats ok, and near the bus line so Wiley can take the bus to work. What worries me is that it's a little farther south of town, and it's in an area of duplexes - we're all on two streets - and it's near a bar...Wiley tells me it's a big townie bar. But we are on the end of the street, and it doesn't lead anywhere, so I don't think there will be any problems unless I can hear "Achy Breaky Heart" from inside my home. Then I will be pissed because I don't do country.

Tonight, I headed back to Craigslist to see if anyone posted anything new, and lo and behold, there's a house located exactly where I want, available April 1st. The caveat? It's about $300 more a month than the duplex, and about $200 more than the apartments I've looked at. We are trying to save money, but it's RIGHT ACROSS from the park I love to walk in. But is it $300 love? Can I get in my car and drive to the park and walk? Yes. Do I feel somewhat stupid doing that? Yes. Why? It just seems odd to me. I can't really explain it. Can I afford this house? I think so. I'm hoping that perhaps I can sweet-talk the owner into decreasing the rent a little bit. I know of other houses that have been available for two months because this is not peak renting time. Or maybe she could give me a break until Wiley shows up. That would save a little money.

I need to figure out which is going to make me happier in the long-run, saving the dough or loving the area in which I live. And I need to figure it out soon!


Anonymous said...

when you are the dd, tho, don't drink cafeeinated pop! in the olden days they didn't have 7 up type stuff in the little fizzie guns. you are lucky, young un! and it is fun getting lost (in small towns);we call it taking the scenic route. auntie em

Anonymous said...

I vote on loving the area in which you live. Money vs happiness=??
Sister Sister