Saturday, April 26, 2008

1 Down, Several to Go

Well, I tried to be one with nature, but today, I couldn't take it. I decided to take back my hammock from the mud daubers. We coexisted peacefully for about 5 minutes before they took off, and then they came back with reinforcements. As soon as they started buzzing around my head, I knew I'd had enough and came inside. I went back out to grab a chair and sit when I noticed a mud dauber making a nest on my seat! Well, that ticked me off quite a bit, so I stood from inside my house and sprayed the nest with the wasp on it, and it fell. Hopefully it's dead. I'll go out tonight and see what else might be out there waiting for me. Are mud daubers vindictive?


Anonymous said...

i recommend you NOT see "The Swarm", and do NOT read "A Taste for Honey" or you may don a beekeeper's suit when you leave the house! auntie em

JustCara said...

From Wikipedia:

"Mud daubers pose a special risk to aircraft operation, as they are prone to nest in the small openings and tubes that comprise aircraft pitot/static systems. Their presence in these systems can disable or impair the function of the airspeed indicator, the altimeter, and/or the vertical speed indicator. It is thought that Mud dauber wasps were ultimately responsible for the crash of Birgenair Flight 301."

The more you know!

Melinda said...

Well, that does it - I won't feel bad killing them anymore.