Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tonight was supposed to be Girls' Night, but it turns out a friend's wife was in town (she's a prof. in Virginia while hubby is still here), so we went to a local Mexican joint and then went back to the house to play cards. We decided on Hearts.

As I'd only played Hearts on the computer, I wasn't sure I could play with people. But I turned out to be pretty good, garnering some "ooohs" and "aaahhhs" when I played a certain card. When we finished, I was in second place, having gotten the queen of spades just one time and maybe 22 hearts.

My oven decided to quit working today. I emailed the landlord, who assured me when I moved in that he would come out the same day I reported a problem to take a look. Hmmm...unless he's coming in the next 45 minutes, ain't gonna happen today. What really pisses me off was that I was making cookies...had them on the sheets ready to go in, and kaput. Burners work, but not the oven itself. I toggled the heating coils, but got nothing in return. So now the cookie dough sits in the fridge, waiting to be baked. The bad thing is that I also like cookie dough, so it's hard not to get into it...after all, it's just sitting there. A friend used to like me to make her a batch without the egg so she could just munch on it. Tasty vittles.

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