Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warbling Wednesdays

The cardinals were at it again today. I need to get food for those little birdies!! I think the cats would like to watch them...not to mention eat them, but my cats are vegetarians.

And speaking of cats, I think my cats are allergic to me. Dixie had a habit of licking her belly to the point where she'd bleed. "Hot spots," the vet called them. When Dixie lived with Cara, the hot spots went away. But lo and behold, I looked at Dixie's belly tonight (she loves having her belly rubbed), I saw a little bit of pink under her thick white coat. My mouser, Deeder, who is still living in KC, was also a licker, but she just pulled out her fur, so her white belly showed with a little black fuzz on top of it. She has also stopped licking. So if it's not me, it's my male, Rewind, who's causing all this trouble. I hope it's him and not me.

I've been applying for jobs all day today: Indiana U, a law office, even an assistant chief probation officer. Yep, I was a bit worried too. I thought, You mean I filled out all your information and send you six references and this is what you pair me with? Uh-uh. But I looked at the description, and I wouldn't be the probation officer, I'd oversee other probation officers and do HR stuff - hire, train, go to job fairs, etc. Oh, I see plenty of problems with this; one such being probation officers who've been around the block awhile, sniggering behind my back: "How can she do the job? She's never been a probation officer." True. So we'll just see where this leads us. If I don't apply, I may not win, see?

Then I saw this clinical affairs manager job...basically, dealing with clinical phases and clinical sites...I will probably apply for this too. I have no experience myself with the clinical sites, but I've read a lot of information on them. So that means I can give it a shot. And for $75k, why not??? Then I could pay for my wedding AND take a honeymoon, all without donating plasma or that kidney.

Still kidding, Auntie Em.

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