Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Itchy.

I treated Dixie a couple of weeks ago with Revolution because I thought she had ear mites. I left Rewind untreated. This evening, as I wrestled Dixie to the ground to give her her ear medicine, I found a flea on her head. This put me in a bit of a panic, so I grabbed Rewind and combed him and found two fleas. I put them in the toilet and flushed. I finished combing him, which is relatively easy because he doesn't have a whole lot of fur and he's really thin, and found no other fleas, and no flea dirt on him. Then I grabbed Dixie, and found nothing else on her either. I've been washing blankets and bed linens ever since I found the little critters, but my sister tells me Revolution will only kill the fleas that get on the cats, not keep them off period. I wonder if there were fleas already here because as far as I knew, neither of them had them when I picked them up a month ago. Right now, the cats are quiet - neither one is fussing with fur at all, so I hope I got the fleas before they spread. Tomorrow I'll be going to Wal Mart to get some borax to sprinkle on my couches and in the cracks of my house, and I thought about going to the vet to get Capstar, which is an adulticide to get rid of any more fleas that might somehow be hiding on the cats. I'm glad I took a nap earlier. This could be kinda a late night.


Spyder said...

Hate fleas. Ticks are already out too!

Melinda said...

I've always been really lucky to catch them before they do any damage, but here, with dogs next door, it could be a long process. I sprinkled borax all over the house tonight and combed the cats again, so I feel a little bit better.