Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When It Grows, They Come

Well, today was the last day to get the yard mowed. Landlord came over sans lawnmower, stating he hadn't fixed it yet. Surprise, surprise. Meanwhile, my grass has grown another three inches. My neighbor next door took pity on me and asked her brother to come over and ask if I wanted my yard mowed. I enthusiastically told him yes since the guy who lives on the other side of me didn't know when his schmucks were coming. So he left to get his mower and weedwhacker, and while he's gone, Cornhole Joe comes over and just starts mowing my yard. At this time, I was outside talking to the neighbor lady, so I ran over and told him that I really appreciated it, but it wasn't necessary. He shrugged and said, "I'm here anyway, I'll just do it and you can tell him to do it next time." I ran over to the lady's house, to no avail, so I ran back and told the guy just to do half the lawn. So he did, and I gave him two beers, which he started drinking right away, chucking the cap into the stream near his duplex. Cornhole Joe did not have on his cutoff shirt today, but at some point in time, he took off his t-shirt to get a little more tan. I have no idea what this guy does because he's home a lot, he's tan, and he has no tan lines. I'm still leading towards drugs of some kind, but he seemed sober today. Neighbor lady told me that on the other street near us were the druggies and the dopies, and that the guy on the other side of me had his home broken into last year. Can I move now, please?

Finally, her brother comes back and mows the rest of my front lawn and back yard. I hijack his mower to mow the back yard of my neighbor guy, and I can promise you I'm not doing his yard again. Stepping in and mowing over boxer poop was no fun, and his yard was so uneven, I'm sure my belly will bruise because of all the times I ran into the mower. So my side of the yard is mulched; his is not. I've been weedwhacked, so I don't need to do that again for another couple of weeks or so...hopefully. But that was not my idea of a good time, though the brother said he'd cut the grass cheaper than my landlord would. I think I can handle the front yard and my half of the back. But no way am I doing the back yard of my neighbor. Ick.

My computer keyboard decided to stop working again. It's been an ongoing problem for about a year now. I finally gave up and went to the surplus store to look at keyboards, and I got a brand new Dell keyboard for $4.00. Four dollars!! Sam's offered them for $14 and Target $20. When it's time to get the four-drawer filing cabinet, I'm going back.

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom during the week. I really am excited about working again, especially at such a cushy hour of lunch, don't have to be to work until 8:30, out at 5...I am so excited. So excited!!!


Spyder said...

I can't do our mowing. My feet can't reach the pedals!

Donna said...

You consider an hour for lunch a GOOD thing? To me, it's just that much longer I had to be gone from home. Oh wait, with your neighbors, that might be a good thing.

Actually, my last job (at Kohl's Distribution Center) didn't even have a lunch break, just two 15-minute breaks. So I only had to be in there for 8 hours, breaks included. I loved that! Got home before 3 PM and felt like I still had half a day left to do as I pleased.

Melinda said...

If I can't go home early, then yes, I like the hour for lunch. That gives me time to get out and enjoy the day, or go home to Wiley when he's here and spend a little time with him.