Friday, April 11, 2008

Hang On to Your Hats!

Today was a whirlwind day. I went in for training from 10-12, then was told to go have lunch and then I'd get my cases and could start calling people. Hang on: training. TRAINING. Not calling. Day off today. Coming in because I'm nice. And now you saddle me with cases?

But wait, it gets better. They changed my days off, so now I'm supposed to work next weekend, even though I'm going to be out of town and can't. Which means I have to find someone to cover my shyt. And not only did I get a case, but it had to be dealt with THIS VERY DAY. So from 3 pm until 9, I was out in the field, and from 9 to almost 11, I was doing paperwork for said work in the field. And I have more paperwork to do! Headus hurtus muchus. At what point in time do you say, "No, I'm not working slave labor. Even if it means helping out needy kids."? I want to ask my coworkers if they have spouses to support them in this job because one coworker said she spent over $1000 in one month in gas...she then qualified it by saying maybe there was a car repair in there. Hmmm....$1000 a month in gas for a Honda. Holy shyt, did I pick the wrong job.

And just wait, something will be wrong with my paperwork. I just know it. And then I won't get paid my bupkus! Now, if only I could turn off my brain.


Donna said...

Time to look for another job, for sure!

Melinda said...

Unfortunately, I think so. And I thought I was done looking.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are ever done looking, really. I know I'm not. Good luck!
Sister Sister