Monday, April 21, 2008


Mud daubers and a sheriff all in one day!! I went to my hammock to do some reading, and as soon as I get out there, mud daubers far, I've counted five. So I go inside. Damn stingers. I hate them.

As I'm reaching into my refrigerator to grab some cookie dough (hey, cookies are still edible in this form), a loud knock comes from my front door. I open it to find a sheriff staring at me, asking me if I'm someone I'm not. I reply that I'm not and I've only been here a few weeks, and he gets all in my business, asking me where I'm from and why I'm here and what I'm going to do. He asks if this place is quiet now because it never used to be (I'm thinking my landlord isn't as honest as I thought he was), and tells me to look into being a court reporter or a probation officer because the law firms here don't pay squat compared to Indianapolis or other cities. Very helpful, though the mud daubers also like the front of the house and are buzzing by me as I'm trying to talk to him and remain calm.

My dad was stung as a child, so I have a rather insane fear of being stung. I've never been stung, and I will probably be ok if I am stung, but I just hate the idea of having stinging critters around my house. The yard is REALLY long, and I've asked my next-door neighbor to contact his friend to mow it, and he said he did and it should happen this week, but it has yet to happen, and if they're nesting in the grass, then yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck. I feel like a prisoner in my house. It's nice outside and I'm inside because those stingers creep me out. While I read that they don't sting unless handled, I still think I'm going to make a trip to Wal Mart to get some spray if my landlord doesn't show up with any.


Anonymous said...

Just what is one of these creatures?

Sister Sister

Melinda said...

You mean a mud dauber? It looks like a wasp, only it's brown or reddish. Supposed to take care of black widow and brown recluse spiders. They let me into the house without bothering me, but I still don't like them around, and I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts for opening the front screen door and looking at it very carefully before stepping inside.