Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not the Happy Homecoming

What happened today that gas decided to jump 22 cents a gallon? I left home today just after 10, and upon returning at 7:30 to my nice little street in my nice little town, I see that the Marathon station's price is now $3.45 a gallon. WTF happened here, people? Do you know what this does to Melinda's heart? It makes it stop beating. For today, and for the rest of my life while I'm in this town, I will be driving and usually eating about 1/3 of a tank a day...that means I'll fill up twice in a week...which means I'll be spending a lot of money on gas, and the gas subsidy I get from work won't my gas bill. Damn, did I pick the wrong job.


Anonymous said...

with this expense, you may be able to itemize this year? keep your receipts! and your resume handy. auntie em

Wookie Luv said...

You could move to Venezuela and pay 19 cents a gallon..but then you would lose all personal freedoms.........

I think the prices that go high or spike is another way of conditioning us for a base line price of $3.50. It will hit $4.00 a gallon soon then you'll be sooo happy it's only $3.45 a gallon. /sigh

i feel ya.