Sunday, April 20, 2008

iPod is On

The cats got fed late, so they're going crazy. And earlier today, I went crazy with my iPod. For the wedding, we're doing a half and half thing...I will use songs from my iPod for the seating of the guests and while the guests are eating, and then the band will play after we cut the cake and start dancing...I think. I'm starting to think doing this whole thing with my iPod might be more fun, simply because then I know exactly what songs will be played and how they'll sound. Wiley and I decided that we wanted to waltz for our first song because it's more fun to watch than salsa ("You can move around the dance floor more," Wiley tells me), and when I mentioned that we wanted to waltz to the booking manager/musician, he told me a popular song was "Can I Have This Dance" by Anne Murray. I found the song online and listened for about 30 seconds before I emailed the guy back and nixed it. No country. Too twangy. Hate it. Moving on. I'm now thinking that perhaps "The Way You Look Tonight" by Sinatra might be a fun song...Michael Buble performed a nice rendition of it. I also attempted to organize the songs that will be played while people eat...slower in the beginning, then a little more upbeat near the end to get people in the mood to get up and dance.

After that, I started listening to the songs on my iPod that everyone could dance to, and Justin Timberlake's "Damn Girl" is stuck in my head. It's got a '70s feel to it. I hate to admit it, but the boy's got talent. His FutureSex/LoveSounds CD is really quite good. It gets me in the dancing mood. Something tells me the band won't be able to play this song.

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