Thursday, April 24, 2008

Milko Adventures

Since Melinda went home, I've been experimenting with different milks. Like everywhere else, the price of milk has increased dramatically this year. We started the year paying 1.10 KM for a liter of milk and now it is 1.80. This price increase has resulted in more brands in the marketplace, so I've been using brands we didn't use when Melinda was here. We only used two kinds. When we were lucky enough to get fresh milk from Mercator, we did so. Otherwise we got the H-Milk, the stuff you can keep on the shelf for months if you don't open it. It doesn't quite taste the same, but that's all they have at the grocery stores near our apartment. I haven't been to the big nice grocery store since Melinda left. She took the backpack and herself, and I have no interest carrying stuff from that far away.

So, I've switched to a cheaper brand with the same fat content (no skim milk here, .9% is the best you get). It's 20 percent cheaper and taste's the same to me. Unfortunately, i can't figure out how to open it correctly. The H-Milk comes in little bible-shaped cartons. The more expensive kind had a plastic spout that flipped up, then you just had to peal off some foil like the top of Texsun orange juice. The new stuff has a screw top instead of the flap. that's no problem, except the foil does not want to peal off. Instead of just a little flap to peal off, there is a plastic hoop attached to the foil.

On my first attempt, I unscrewed the top, saw the hoop and pulled it. Instead of pulling off the foil, it pulled off the entire top of the carton. it made a real mess every time I used it.

On the second attempt, I thought I had it figured out, so I held the plastic thing and attempted to pull on the ring. But the foil attached to the ring wouldn't budge and I couldn't get leverage to pull harder. So, I grabbed a knife and used the handle to pull on the ring. But then the ring broke! I had to resort to using the knife to dig out the foil, which only half works but avoids the mess.

And that's where I stand now. The whole point is the rip out the foil, but not only is the foil stronger than the ring meant to pull it out but also the glue holding the cap to the carton.

I have to be doing something wrong. I'm tempted to see if the next door neighbor lady can help me.

Oh well.... such are the adventures of living abroad.


Melinda said...

Hey! I left you the bag so you could transport the groceries. I tell you, no one's going to notice the little shoes on it from a distance!

Spyder said...

LOL! In Canada milk come in plastic bags that you put the bag in a special pitcher & snip one corner of the bag.

Melinda said...

We have that in Iowa too - usually just the gas stations have it, but I bought that for awhile.

John said...

I think I'm missing a step. There are things that look like tabs on one edge, but I can't figure out what they do. after I finish this carton I'm going to pull it apart and see. If this were the States, it would have instructions!!! They don't believe in instructions here!!!