Monday, April 28, 2008

We're Going to be Washed Away.

Man, this weather is odd. During lunch, my car was practically blown sideways, and then it poured down rain, and now the sun is out. I think Mother Nature is going through menopause.

Tonight I got some borax and sprinkled my furniture with it and pushed it into the floor where the wood doesn't quite meet the wall. On Wednesday, we vacuum. I've also washed all the blankets and my bedding and am keeping the cats out of my room. They hate that. They love the bed! But sleep last night was not easy. I think it was midnight before I went to bed, and 1 before I fell asleep. And then I had dreams that spiders were falling from the ceiling, and that I got to work and my inbox was overflowing with stuff I had to get done that day. So when 6:19 rolled around, my phone woke me up - Wiley got some more money for his phone so he could text me - and I grudgingly got up. He's currently in Zvornik interviewing people, which turned out to be a bad time because of the holidays (Easter and then another one I can't remember). His phone thinks he's in Serbia, so it eats money. But he's taking pictures so soon you (and I) will see! So morning came early, but I got up, fed the cats, and went for a run - a whole mile without stopping once! The trail I use was deserted this morning at that time - just me and one other person, then two on my way back. The trail is around 3 miles, but I only go about a mile into it and then the mile back. I don't have much time, especially if I walk it. But my arse, oh boy, what pain it feels. I think it may rain tomorrow, which will hamper my plans, but if not, I'll attempt again and hopefully the muscles will feel better. It's times like this that I apologize to my body for abusing it and not using it regularly like I should.


Spyder said...

You really have to be pro-active when dealing with fleas & ticks.

Anonymous said...

very funny, your mother nature comment. good luck with the bod! auntie em